why us


With so many options available to you to get your diamonds, one question that arises is why should we buy diamonds from you? Here is what makes Vaishali Gems stand out from the rest.

Each of our diamonds for sale are put up on a search portal where you can get a 360 Degree HD view of the diamond before purchasing it.
You can seamlessly integrate our live inventory of our diamonds for sale to your systems through our API. We deal with leading websites like
We at Vaishali Gems are very particular from where we source our diamonds. Each of the rough diamonds that we buy are ethically mined with KP certifications. This gives you a guarantee that the diamonds are not mined illegally.
Those businessmen and customers registered with us can purchase diamonds online. In fact, those customers who live in Hong Kong can get home delivery while others can get delivery of diamonds anywhere across the world by paying a nominal fee.
We at Vaishali Gems, value each and every customer. Therefore, we have ensured that each customer has a dedicated sales manager who will help you with everything anytime needed, 24x7.
Keeping up with the times, our customers can download our mobile application and place orders for diamonds from there. This ensures that you get your diamonds whenever you need them.
We offer great discounts for those customers who make purchases through the online route. Here are the discount rates:
Benefit buying as per total amount Website Buying Benefit
US $ 1k – US $ 25k 0.5%
US $ 25k – US $ 50k 1.0%
US $ 50k – US $ 100k 1.5%
US $ 100k – US $ 200k 2.0%
US $ 200k – US $ 300k 3.0%
US $ 300k – US $ 400k 4.0%
US $ 400k UP 5.0%